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Alma Mater Clinic - Branding, Website & All you can imagine

Create a brand from scratch for a company that was born at that very moment.
My role would grow at the same time as this new business.

  • Client

    Alma Mater Clinic

  • Date

    Sept 2020 - Today

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    Branding, UX/UI, Website, Instagram, Interior Design, Promotions and Advice

My Mission

What did they want to achieve

I started creating the branding, it was so well received that I was then commissioned with the UX / UI for its new website as well as implementing its new image to all its social networks and creating a graphic line for its subsequent launch.
Design both the interior and exterior of the clinic; posters, adhesive vinyls, exterior vinyls, posters ... today I continue to bring them the image of social networks and create small advertising campaigns (Christmas, Valentine's ...)

Zaragoza, Spain

Clinic Description

It is a health and wellness clinic formed by an interdisciplinary team that wants you to live longer and live better. They take care of people's health with respect and closeness and are committed to excellent and personalized attention.

They love people and what innovation and technology can do for them. Always with the references of the past, like the father of medicine.
"Know the person first, before his illness."



Create a recognizable, natural and simple Branding that surrounds the image of the new brand on the web, social networks and in the clinic itself.


I created a Hummingbird, this due to its speed is known as a messenger, and guardian of time. It also has meanings of love, joy, and beauty.
It is able to fly backwards, and it teaches us that we can remember our past, however this bird also teaches us that we should not dwell on our past and we have to move on.
Drink the nectar of the flowers, it means that we must savor every moment, and appreciate the things we love.
The hummingbird has a very powerful spiritual meaning. The hummingbird means resurrection.
Looking at hummingbirds, we see that they are seemingly tireless. Always actively searching.
the sweetest nectar, which reminds us to seek the good in life and the beauty of each day.



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